Ask   1st year Graphic Design student at LJMU.

Tony Brook Lecture

Well what a breath of fresh air, so far I haven’t been to keen on the designers that have come for talks, but this man was just wonderful. He was warm, friendly and his approach was light and very calm. Like a nice sponge cake!

He talked us through his own projects and the design company he set up named Spin, and even though his work isn’t like anything I would ever produce. I absolutely loved it. His simple style and use of colours works perfectly together; lots of pastels and muted shades.

My favourite project he underwent was the Funacion Proa typefact project. The way he explained how he got to the final typeface was fascinating, the way he was inspired by what was around him, the bolts on the bridges, the corrugated steel on the buildings, and the way he explored about 5 different outcomes and didn’t just settle on the first idea he thought of.

His work communicates care and a lot of thought like nothing has been rushed, and he explains his process very well. An inspiration to many Graphic Designers I can imagine, true passion and commitment.



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